Great Barrier Reef

Fan coral

Fan coral

Once in a while you get to check off an item on your bucket list.  I always wanted to go to Australia, but most especially I wanted to see the Great Barrier Reef, located near Cairns, Australia.  My 2009 trip to Australia afforded me that opportunity.  The gallery presented here are photos taken with my Canon G9, safely housed in an underwater case made especially for it.  From Cairns I took a snorkeling trip to the reef.  Several hundred miles long, the reef exhibits a wide variety of sea life, only a tiny segment of which was I able to see.  I also have some short video clips of the softer corals that I will post later.


  1. Linda Alvis says

    This work is fascinating. I too am interested in photography but have not done much with the interest. Thank you for sharing what you have done.

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