Stepstone Falls in IR



I joined some friends in my photography club for a trip to Stepstone Falls.  We went the day following another May rainstorm, so the falls were quite full.  Unlike my companions, I decided to shoot in infrared.  I have a Canon PowerShot G9 camera, which used to be my pocket camera.  It has been replaced by another, so I had it converted for infrared sensitivity.  Several companies will perform such conversions, but my choice was LifePixel.  They offer a variety of sensor replacements; my choice was the supercolor one.  (I’m working on a longer posting about infrared photography in general.)

The infrared sensor I have records some color information, so I am not limited to straight black and white conversions.  By carefully manipulating the white balance I can leave some parts of the image in color, converting the rest of the image to black and white.  This allows for some fun and interesting compositions.  Also, this gallery contains some black and white images that have been toned in full.

Enjoy this different view of Rhode Island’s only waterfalls!


  1. Cool!

  2. Amazing, Laura. I’ve said it before – you have a really interesting eye.

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