This month of February, probably bleeding into much of March, is consumed by recuperation. I had total knee replacement February 6. That was for the right knee; the left was done last August. Just trying to keep them a matched set! All is going well, as it did the last time. I highly recommend the total joint replacement center at Miriam Hospital in Providence, Rhode Island, as well as the talented physicians of University Orthopedics. My doc is Dr. John Froehlich, about whom I have only good things to say–as does my physical therapist.

Cyclamen At Home

This beautiful cyclamen is a gift from a very dear and generous friend who has been helping me recover. The photo was a challenge in lighting and background, given my limited mobility at present. I set the plant on my kitchen counter and used a distant wall as the background. The wall is yellow, though, and that color combination did not please me. Also, I needed more light on the plant itself. So, speedlights to the rescue. For the main light I used a Nikon SB-5000 flash and reflected it off of the pink aluminum foil that came with the plant. I used a small Nikon macro flash with a diffuser for a secondary light on the right. To address the wall color I used a third flash, a Nikon SB-600 with a green gel, directed on the wall.

Thanks again for good friends who help make life more cheerful.

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