How Lucky Can You Get?

Double Rainbow

Double Rainbow

A photographer’s dream appeared–a double rainbow, perfectly framing a group of pines!  How lucky can you get?  Until, of course, you realize you do not have a camera, not even the camera on your smartphone.  Not too smart, it turns out.  However, luck does prevail when your sister-in-law has her (creaky, outdated) iPhone.  Having borrowed it, I discovered that the iPhone camera would take panorama shots.  The above image is the result.  Enjoy!


  1. Marlene Landen says

    It is your on-the-ball sister-in-law who is creaky and outdated; her iPhone performed perfectly!

  2. Jeffery Nicholas says

    Oh, wow! That is simply beautiful. You should make a poster of that and sell it. Or at least, give one to me. Very nice

  3. So beautiful and yes lucky to capture it.

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