An Unpleasant Encounter

Car WindowI bought a new car about a month ago, a 2014 Subaru Outback.  Then, last Thursday (March 20) I was out to dinner with a friend.  After dropping her off near the Providence College campus, I was driving home, going south on River Avenue, a few blocks south of Smith Street in Providence.  I heard a loud noise, as though something hit my car.  Indeed, something had, hitting the window in the cargo area on the passenger side of the car.  It was a BB, most likely, based on the service agent’s assessment of my description.  Although it doesn’t show well in this photo, the window is shattered, looking like a finely woven spider web.  I took the car to the dealer for repair, and somebody’s idea of fun cost me about $500–not fun in my book!  I reported the incident to the Providence Police, so hopefully they will investigate and prevent something even more serious happening to someone else.  If you live in Providence, you probably don’t think of River Avenue, near PC, as a dangerous area.  I think it will be a while before I drive it in the dark again, though.


  1. gail philport says

    OMG! How awful!

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