A Touch of Spring

Gleaner Gardens

Gleaner Gardens

Here in Rhode Island we got two feet of snow last week, another foot this week, and are expecting yet another foot next week.  While I like snow, I thought you might enjoy a little touch of spring.

Last year a friend took me to a private garden named Gleaner Gardens.  The owners have an extensive collection of rhododendron plants, most of which are quite well established.  You are invited at every turn to wander through the paths and admire the remarkably diverse forms this plant can take.  You will find purple, pink, red, and white, as well as orange and one variety that seems nearly translucent.

Nearly Translucent Rhody

Nearly Translucent Rhody

Should you wish to stay awhile, an inviting reading bench is tucked away in one corner.  You may even be escorted by Rio, the resident German shepherd.  This quiet floral escape even boasts a meditation garden, where you will find both Buddha and St. Francis of Assisi.

Reading Bench

Reading Bench

Enjoy this little touch of spring rhodies from Rhody!

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