Gray Fox Pair?

Help me out, folks.  Do I have a pair of gray fox?  About a week ago my yard was visited by gray fox.  First one came Wednesday, February 24.  Then another the next night, followed by a third the following night.  Here’s three very bad photo taken by my trail cam:

Feb 24

Feb 24

Feb 26

Feb 26


Feb 25

Feb 25

So, assuming the February 24 and 26 visitors are the same–and they definitely are gray fox–what about the February 25 visitor?  It appears to have a black tip on the tail.  No black stockings, as well, definitely rules out red fox.  It’s too small to be a coyote.  But, the longer legs make me wonder.  Male gray fox are slightly larger than females.  Also, March is the height of mating season.  So, if I’m really lucky, I might have a mated pair as my visitors!  Gray fox are hard to locate because they are nocturnal and secretive.  I’ll keep a keen outlook, though, and keep you posted with any further developments.

Rainy City Night

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How Lucky Can You Get?

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Portland’s Chinese Garden

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Night Photography–Trial Run

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Adele Rowland, OP–Photographer

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Waterplace Park From Above

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