Waterplace Park From Above

Memorial Boulevard

Memorial Boulevard

Providence is a beautiful city, much more beautiful than when I moved here in 1984.  Back then the Providence River flowed through the city (as it still does), but nearly all of its course was covered with roadways.  Now it is opened up.  Furthermore, it is the site of an artistic installation known as Waterfire.  The creation of sculptor Barnaby Evans, Waterfire became an annual attraction in 1997, following two initial events in 1994 and 1996.  The installation consists of several braziers placed in Waterplace Park and along the Providence River.  These are stoked with maple wood and lit at sunset.  City streets are blocked off and several restaurants provide outside seating, giving downtown Providence the feel of a European city.

Waterplace Park

Waterplace Park

Yesterday I had a chance to view the site of Waterfire from a new perspective, the 14th floor terrace of the Waterplace Residence, a condominium complex at Waterplace Park.  This locale afforded a view looking down on Waterplace Park and the Providence River, as well as a panorama of the skyline of the city.  You can see the braziers used for Waterfire.  You can also take in the best side of Providence Place Mall, the Westin Hotel, the Biltmore Hotel, and Providence’s own “Superman Building.”  Not really used in filming anything related to Superman–TV series or movies–the building is said to look like the Daily Planet building in the 1950s comic books.  Unfortunately the building now stands empty, although it is home to nesting peregrine falcons.  You can monitor their progress via this Peregrine webcam run by the Audubon Society of Rhode Island.

Enjoy this view of Waterfire from above, at noon and without the fire!

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